Vaccines for Dogs & Cats
What are Vaccines?
Getting a new pet is an exciting experience and, at times, a confusing one. In addition to learning about your pet's behaviors, and their routine, you also have to navagate their physical wellness. This means you need to know about...
Price Guide
  *(Prices subject to change, prices are for individual vaccines, many vaccines require a series of shots)     Office Visit/exam fee                     ...
Wellness Exams
Pet Health Insurance
Lifestage Wellness
Medical Care
Dental Cleaning
VeggieDent Chewable Treats
Loving Care Veterinary Hospital recommends VeggieDent chewable treats as a way to maintain your dog's dental health between dental cleanings. Available for sale at Loving Care Veterinary Hospital in West Milford.  
Flea,Tick & Heartworm Protection
Microchip Your Pet
Digital Radiographs
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