Many people assume that pocket pets are easier to care for than companion pets, however that is not necessarily the case! Pocket pets come with very specific healthcare needs that require a veterinarian who is highly skilled in that area. If you are searching for a pocket pet vet West Milford, look no further than Loving Care Veterinary Hospital! We can help you with all of your pocket pet vet needs. Check out our tips for caring for your pocket pet at home!


Create A Comfortable Home

You want to make sure your pocket pet has a comfortable home because it is where they will spend a majority of their time. Your pet will need a large cage to give them plenty of room to explore and burrow in hay or tunnels. Exercise is important to keep your pet healthy and happy, so they need a big enough space to run around. Too much pent up energy can be bad for your pet’s health, so be sure to get a cage in a size recommended by your pocket pet vet West Milford. Each type of pocket pet has different cage requirements according to their size and lifestyle habits. The cage should be able to be cleaned easily with an accessible door and a solid bottom. It is also important that you keep this cage away from other animals like dogs or cats which can make your pocket pet feel unsafe.


Choose The Right Interior

The inside of your pet’s cage needs to be soft and comfortable so that your pet doesn’t get too stressed out or anxious. Your pocket pet vet West Milford recommends using soft bedding that is nontoxic, dust-free, absorbent, and not something that your pet will try to eat. Nesting needs will vary among types of pocket pets, so talk to your pocket pet vet West Milford to find out what your pet’s specific needs are.


Your pet is also going to require some form of exercise within their cage. Your pocket pet vet West Milford recommends getting them plenty of toys to hide in and adventure through. Pocket pets are very curious creatures and love to adventure through tunnels. You can get fixtures to place inside your pet’s cage to give them some entertainment throughout the day. These fixtures are made from durable materials that can’t be chewed on or ingested by your pet. You can get them exercise balls, wheels, and climbing surfaces to give them something to do all day while you’re away.


Provide a Well-Balanced Diet

Your pocket pet vet West Milford recommends bringing your pet in for a visit so that you two can discuss what the right nutritional choices would be for your pet’s diet. Dietary needs are based on your pet’s specific breed and age, so talk to your pocket pet vet West Milford about what they should be eating to maintain a healthy weight.


Pre-packaged treats can lead to unhealthy weight gain, so go for fruit instead! Your pet will love the sweet treat and it won’t ruin their healthy diet. Depending on which type of pocket pet you have, they may have deficiencies that require added nutrients, such as vitamin C or extra fiber. Talk to your pocket pet vet West Milford about your pet’s dietary needs. Your pet also needs fresh and clean water daily. You can purchase a sipper bottle to hang on the walls of your cage.


Pocket pets are so sweet and cute, but they require a lot of care and attention. Speak with your pocket pet vet West Milford to learn more about how you can effectively care for your pet so that they are as happy and healthy as possible. Call our office today to learn more about caring for your pocket pet! You can reach us by calling our office at (973) 728-2273 or by filling out a contact form directly on our site. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!