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We are welcoming pet parents back into the hospital! However we ask that only ONE pet parent accompany their pet and you MUST WEAR A MASK. Please call us when you arrive and we will let you know when it is your turn to come inside the hospital. 

Loving Care Veterinary provides you peace of mind in knowing your pet is getting the best care possible. Dr. Kristie Steele is the sole practitioner and owner of Loving Care Veterinary. You and your pet receive the unique benefit of always seeing the same veterinarian.
Visiting your veterinarian shouldn't be a stressful time for your pet. The familiarity of seeing the same veterinarian at every visit fosters a special bond between your pet and their vet, this bond helps relieve the stress of an office visit.  



Our Services
  • Canine Companions

    Dogs are mans best friend, return their love with the best care you can provide. We care for your dog every step of the way from puppy to senior, wellness and sickness and beyond. We are here to give you guidance in the care and well-being of your BFF.

  • Pocket Pets

    Cats and Dogs are not the only ones we care for, it is always a treat for the staff when bunnies come to visit! We provide wellness and sick visits for your precious pocket pets too!

  • Feline Friends

    Cats are mysterious creatures but no need to worry, Loving Care Veterinary is here to help solve the mystery that is a cat. Our highly trained staff and certified Cat-Friendly practice can guide your feline family throughout all of their life-stages.

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  • Leslie W
    "The whole team is amazing words can't describe I am forever grateful to all of them for saving our zesu."
  • Martha
    "I never have a problem getting an appointment, even last minute. Staff is friendly and answers all my questions. Office is spotless. I have made visits for both emergency and routine care. They are patient and loving to all fur babies."
  • Donna
    "The staff is kind and caring towards your babies. They really show how much they care."