Learn about Your West Milford Vet and Our Commitment to Your Pets

west milford vetWest Milford Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing our community with high-quality services and friendly customer service. We aim to create a warm and welcoming environment for everyone that comes into our office. Our expert staff believes we can best serve the members of our community through the implementation of the following values:
Delivering the Results Your Pet Deserves
Our team utilizes the most advanced treatments available in today’s veterinary field. We encourage the education of innovative surgical approaches as well as the utilization of new technology and medication among our staff. Your West Milford vet, Dr. Kristie Steele, believes that finding the best possible techniques and maintaining affordable prices allows us to treat our patients most effectively. We aim to make your visit with us run efficiently, which is why we do our best to create an environment that your pet will feel comfortable. Loving Care Veterinary Hospital is a safe space for your pet to receive care. We understand some animals are tense when they have to come into a new environment, which is why we try to develop a personal connection with each animal that we treat. This individualized approach to your pet’s health allows us to perform treatment more efficiently and guarantees that your pet is getting the results they require.
Commitment to the Care and Service You're Expecting
Dr. Steele is passionate about serving the community through quality healthcare and hands-on customer service. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your pet gets the care they need at an affordable cost without compromising their quality of care. You can trust that your pet is always going to get the best possible veterinary care when they visit their West Milford vet. 
Patient Education to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Happy, Wherever They Go

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A pet’s health primarily starts at home. That is why we encourage an open dialogue with clients and veterinarians because veterinary care is a collaborative effort. The team here at Loving Care Veterinary Hospital will help you understand your pet’s health status in-depth so that you can always make the right choice for your pet’s health journey. We can help you find the right nutritional plan as well as some tips on how to get your pet active. Pets can live longer and healthier lives with simple adjustments to their everyday routine. Talk to your veterinarian to find out what you can do to help your pet feel happy and healthy!
Staying Current and Relevant in All Things Pet Care
Loving Care Veterinary Hospital stays up-to-date on the most innovative technology and medications available in today’s veterinary field. This allows our team to serve patients effectively by improving conditions of treatment while keeping costs down. We believe that constant innovation and continuous education gives our patients the best opportunity for quality healthcare.
If you're ready to schedule an appointment with our vet in West Milford, or you have any questions or concerns about our available services, you can contact Dr. Steele by emailing kristiesteeledvm@gmail.com. We look forward to meeting you and your furry family member!