Loving Care Veterinary Staff

Susan, Practice Manager
Amanda, Head Veterinary Technician
Amanda has a big heart and it is filled with love for animals. From a very young age Amanda has wanted to help animals and work in the veterinary field. Amanda has fostered several dogs, one of them was a special needs blind girl that is now a permanent part of her family, she also has three other dogs and two bunnies. Amanda's second home is Loving Care Veterinary Hospital, her dedication and affection for animals shines bright, clearly Amanda loves her job!
Preston, Veterinary Technician
Preston has been with Loving Care Veterinary from day one. He began as an assistant and has worked his way up to Veterinary Technician. One of Preston's greatest qualities is his calming nature, he is a pet whisperer and his Zen like approach has tamed our most aggressive patients. Preston's future plans are to travel to Japan and other parts of Asia. We've no doubt Preston will continue to do great things and bring calm to the world.
Janelle, Receptionist
Jillian, Assistant Vet Tech
Danielle, Assistant Vet Tech
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