Learn Why Loving Care Veterinary Hospital is the Best Choice for Your Cat

Are you searching “cat-friendly vet near me”? Loving Care Veterinary Hospital is here to provide exceptional veterinary care that is specific to your cat’s needs. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality care to the felines in our community. Cats have very specific needs that are unique to their veterinary care. We make an effort to accommodate your cat’s needs by offering cat-specific treatments and dedicated feline spaces. Loving Care Veterinary Hospital is a certified Cat-Friendly Practice that if fully equipt to care for your furry friend.
Why It Is Important
If your cat needs veterinary care, it is important that you go to a certified cat-friendly practice because you want to make sure that they get the best care possible. Cats need to be handled in a certain way so that they don’t experience behavioral issues during their vet visits. When cats get too stressed out, it can drastically affect the quality of the care they receive. Cats tend to be underserved at other veterinary clinics because general veterinary practice is not tailored to their needs.
It is a common misconception that cats require less care than dogs. This is not true and actually, felines typically require more specific care than dogs do. Cats can quickly develop health problems that may not be treatable towards the later stages of progression. Preventative care is key for feline health so regular visits to a certified cat-friendly vet are necessary. It is recommended that your cat receives a check-up every year and two per year for senior cats.
Unique Attributes of Cat-Friendly Vets
Cat-Friendly Practices have very specific qualifications that not all veterinary practices have.
● Care for the unique needs of your cat
● Handle cats properly
● Understand varying behaviors
● Feline-friendly office with cat-dedicated spaces
● Fully equipt to care for feline health needs including diagnostic testing
● High-standards of feline emergency services
Tips For Handling Cats
Cats that experience high levels of stress can become territorial, skittish, and may swat or scratch you. It is easy to mishandle a cat, especially if you are not familiar with them. If your cat is visibly stressed or fearful, it is recommended that you do not pick them up. This can cause them to lash out at you or run away. Cats have different things that may make them uncomfortable, so it is always best to try and lead them where you want them to go, rather than picking them up to move them. Try leading them with treats or gentle toys rather than exciting them or stressing them out.
If you need to pick up your cat, there are some techniques you can use to help them feel safe. If possible, pick up your cat while they are on a bed or pillow. Fold the bed in half like a taco with your cat snugly inside. This will help them feel safe and secure and keep them from leaping out of your arms. It is also a good idea to use a cat-carrier if you need to carry them a long distance. Never pick your cat up by the scruff. This is something mother cats do to kittens when they are first-born, but it can be potentially harmful and stressful for older cats. If your cat is overweight, picking them up from their scruff can really hurt them.
Understand Your Cat’s Behavior
Cat behavior can be influenced by several factors including personality, the familiarity of environment, stress-level, past experiences, and current circumstances. Going to a cat-friendly vet near me can help guarantee that your cat will be provided with the care they need while remaining calm and comfortable for the duration of their visit. If your cat seems visibly shaken up or uncomfortable during their annual check-up, it may be a sign that they aren’t being handled correctly. If your cat has difficulty with their visits to the vet, consider taking them to a cat-friendly vet who may be able to help them relax.
If you are still searching for a “cat-friendly vet near me,” give Loving Care Veterinary Hospital a call! You can reach our office at (973) 728-CARE (2273) or by emailing us at kristiesteeledvm@gmail.com and our team will get in touch with you at your convenience. We look forward to helping your cat feel healthy and happy! Call Loving Care Veterinary Hospital today!