Benefits of Choosing a Cat-Friendly Vet

A cat-friendly vet is a special initiative meant to help create safe and comfortable environments for cats to receive veterinary care. Cats have unique needs and can easily become stressed out or spooked by other animals in the vet office. Your Pompton Lakes Vet is proud to be a cat friendly vet and aims to provide a welcoming environment for every animal in the community! 
Your Pompton Lakes vet is dedicated to accommodating the needs of your cat so that they can receive the most effective care without sacrificing accuracy. Through some simple office adjustments and feline-specific training, our team has catered our office around the treatment of felines as well as all animals that require veterinary care. Cat friendly vets aim to provide care through:
-Unique knowledge of feline health
-Experience handling, diagnosing, and treating cats
-Providing separate exam rooms fully equipped for routine checkups and emergency care
There are several benefits of choosing a cat friendly vet over a general veterinarian, the main one being that a cat friendly vet is meant to cater to your pet’s specific needs. Cats can easily become stressed and anxious during a veterinary visit. This can be caused by other animals at the practice, a vet handling them incorrectly, or even just because they are in an unfamiliar environment. Once a cat is stressed out, it can easily escalate and treatment can become very difficult. 
At your Pompton Lakes vet, we take special care to accommodate cats so that they can get the most effective veterinary care possible. Feline anxiety can make it difficult to properly diagnose your cat’s ailments. Cats are known for being very guarded and may tend to hide any pain or discomfort if they are stressed out. A cat friendly practice takes the necessary steps to make the practice stress-free for your cat’s visit. Your Pompton Lakes vet has adjusted our facilities to incorporate more cat friendly features that will help appointments run more smoothly for everyone.
Cat-Only Examination Rooms
Feline exclusive examination rooms allow your cat to relax during their appointment so that treatment can be a bit easier and more accurate. The separate exam room allows your cat to be away from the noise and distraction of other vet appointments. Cat examination rooms also feature cubbies and other hiding places for your cat to retreat to if they need to feel safe. We keep most cat-specific equipment and treatment technology in the cat examination room so that there is no need to leave the room for any procedures. Our office also features a cat-only waiting room for your cat to relax in separate from the other animals visiting our clinic. 
Handle Your Cat With Care
Cats can be very fickle with their personality and general disposition. Once a cat develops their general personality (between 2-7 weeks) they typically have a set of behaviors that they utilize to deal with new environments, strangers, and other animals. Your cat’s behavior and personality can attribute to their general feelings about being touched and handled. This can make vet visits difficult and treatment may suffer because of your cat’s guarded behavior. Your cat-specialist Pompton Lakes vet has some tips for helping your cat feel more relaxed during their vet visit so that treatment can be completed quickly and effectively. 
Cats should not be picked up in a strange environment. This can restrict their movement and stress them out further. If you need to pick up your cat, hold them as close to your body as possible and avoid dangling them in the air to give them more of a sense of security. One hand should support their chest while the other scoops them up their behind. Most cats prefer being pet on their head and neck, so avoid petting them in other areas. Cats should be handled as little as possible because they can easily be overstimulated and may swipe at you to let you know that they want you to stop. Our experienced cat veterinarians can handle your cat properly without adding to the stress they may already feel while visiting their Pompton Lake vet.
Visit Your Pompton Lakes Vet Regularly
Cats need to visit the veterinarian every six months for a regular checkup and examination. Pet owners take dogs to the veterinarian way more often than cats. That can typically be attributed to the general anxiety that your cat exhibits about going in their carrier. Dogs are a little easier to transport to the vet and tend to handle it a bit better. That is why it is so important to find a cat-friendly vet that can make vet visits easier and less stressful for your cat. There are some common health problems that cats experience without exhibiting any obvious symptoms at home. Pet owners can sometimes miss some signals that your cat may be developing an underlying health issue. Bringing them in to see their Pompton Lakes vet every six months can help prevent the development of more serious health issues and can even save you from costly medical bills in the future.
Loving Care Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing attentive and comprehensive veterinary care to all felines in the Pompton Lakes and West Milford community. Through our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced cat-friendly vet staff, we commit to being an accessible cat friendly veterinary practice for all felines in our area. Your Pompton Lakes vet is passionate about quality veterinary care and aims to make vet visits easier for your beloved cat. Call our office to learn more about how your cat can benefit from visiting a cat-friendly vet every six months. Call our office at (973) 728-CARE (2271) to learn more about your cat friendly vet in Pompton Lakes and to schedule your cat’s next visit. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!